Mechanical and Connected

The venerable and ingenious idea of using kinetic energy of wrist-motions

to automatically wind mechanical watch movements has been one of the cornerstones for the success of Swiss Watchmaking. 

Combining an unmodified standard movement (e.g. 2824, 2892) with 
a small additional module to harvest and transform said energy into electrical power

required to provide connectivity and to indicate auxiliary functions discretely on a paper-thin graphic display when needed.

All this while timekeeping of the mechanical​​ movement ticks independently.

The watch has the size and thickness of a common mechanical chronograph.

The indispensable longevity expected of luxury timepieces is safeguarded by a modular construction easily replaceable, should there be major future changes in hardware technology (e.g. of Bluetooth-systems).  

​No battery - no recharging!

​​​The combination of a sophisticated digital device with mechanically harvested energy is explained in the above video; the knowhow for the only such system ever developed and produced successfully is now exclusively embedded and updated in TimeConnect.

Elaborate software and an ingenious function flow chart assisted by various

sensors provide full connectivity and display in spite of the extremely low and irregular energy obtained from said harvesting by a micro-generator system (MGS).​


​While the TC Concept itself is built on available components and technology, the final construction comprises a number of opportunities for strategic hard- and software patent applications. ​​​

Long-life Battery Option:

Connected Quartz Watches

Watchmaking has always fascinated by its myriads of designs, forms and 

colors, appealing to individual personal choices​

TC's Concept: 

Integration of motor-driven physical hands, dials and bluetooth-connected auxiliary functions indicated on a high-resolution graphic display and guided

by smartphone apps. 

Timekeeping automatically adjusting to timezones and daylight-saving but remaining otherwise independent of external devices. 

Battery-life >18 month.

Experience, Performance
TimeConnect© elaborates and implements turn-key projects such as our Smartwatch-concept, based on practical experience with harvesting concepts and applied software.

We will be pleased to provide you with full information and details in the privacy of a person meeting. 



A revolutionary concept that works: 

The mechanical Smart Watch


​Functions? ​Endless possibilities!

We offer a comprehensive library of ​innovative, useful and intuitive standard-functions.

Fusing fine watch-making and longevity with the convenience of auxiliary connectivity, for useful functions and information.

​Elegance, simplicity and ease-of-use vs. gimmickry. Functions should be device-compliant; not everything that is possible is necessarily expedient. 
Brand-specific custom-apps to enhance the image of your marque.
Permanently updating to latest platform-releases

Concept specs

  • No external re-charging!
  • Time-keeping remaining independent of external devices;
  • Traditional watch dial combined with graphics-display;
  • ePaper-thin display; low power consumption, freely configurable​ graphic-design; 
  • BLE-connectivity not to control-, but to serve the wristwatch;
  • independent of Cloud
  • Keep and enhance your characteristic design and corporate identity!